How to hack a wifi router by cracking WPA/WPA2 using kali linux 2.0 -2016

There are many ways to hack a wifi router, some people use to bruteforce password directly some use WPS pin cracking with reaver etc. Most of the times WPS pin cracking succeed because the router is in its default pin and easy to crack. Here we are going to hack a WPS disabled router. We have […]


Top 10 tools in Kali Linux

Kali linux is the most advanced penetration testing OS ever build. Kali linux has plenty of tools available for various attacks. These are my favorite top 10 security tools. There are plenty of tools available, these are the 10 tools which i have found awesome. 10. proxychains proxychains is one of the most essential tools in kali […]


How to hack windows 10 using kali linux remotely with metasploit – 2018

Microsoft claims that windows 10 has fixed all security vulnerabilities. We cant hack a windows PC with a remote exploit like ” ms08_067_netapi ” anymore. Windows have fixed that vulnerability. so sad. wait a minute, Then how can we hack a windows pc is that even possible now? The answer is yes, windows machines are still […]


5 Tips to stay anonymous online

Online anonymity is vital for a hacker or a person who want privacy. If you are concerned about your privacy and security you must read this. Staying anonymous online means hiding your IP address, location or simply hiding all sort of IDs. Any government organisations can easily fingerprint a normal user by simply tracing the IP […]


How to hack a database with sql injection – sqlmap

We all know websites need a database to store data. That is called s RDBMS – relational database management system. These databases store data in tables and columns so that it can be accessed easily. Server side languages like PHP can interact with SQL database with proper authentication and has read/write permission. Most of the sensitive information are stored in […]


How to earn bitcoins without mining 2016

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, unlike traditional currency bitcoin is not printed on a paper or a metal coin. Its in the form of bits that  can stored on a computer. These cryptocurrencies are highly encrypted with SHA-256 hashing algorithm. There is no central governance or central bank controlled by the government to interfere the transaction. […]


How to backdoor and deface a web server using weevely

In the web almost 82% of servers are running on PHP. Its a simple open source server side scripting language. A website consist of PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript mostly. Among these PHP directly interact with the server i.e. logical calculations and stuffs other languages are for user interface. PHP can also contact sql server for […]


How to change tor exit node manually

 When it comes to penetration testing the first preference is online anonymity. Hackers use services such as VPN or TOR, comparatively tor offers more security and anonymity on the web and in addition it allow access to the dark web. I personally prefer tor over vpn. Tor is configured in such a way that  a combination of three relays or nodes. […]


How to create custom wordlist

In penetration testing the worst part is authentication failure. Cracking a hash or a dictionary attack to an authentication form is time consuming. It depends on the strength of the password. An eight character password can have the possible combination of 6,634,204,312,890,625 including special char . Bruteforcing all the possible combination may take hours or […]