How control your kali machine with android device using SSH

How to control your kali machine with android device using SSH

First of all let me say that this is not a big deal for pro hackers and network administrators. We are going to control kali linux machine with an Android device using SSH (secure shell) service. SSH protocol allows you to connect to a remote system and interact with shell with highly encrypted communication method. […]


A-Z Index of linux bash commands

When we think of linux the first thing that come to our mind is a terminal or cli. If you are new to linux based operating systems then you might find it difficult to use a command line interface for the first time. Many of newbies find it hard and always prefer a GUI, some […]


How to install Kali Linux

This “how to install” guide is for noobs ūüėČ First of all you have to understand that kali linux is an operating system and not a software, i.e. you have too boot it with virtual machine or boot CD/USB. Dual booting means you can run two operating systems on the same system. Eg: windows and […]