PowerHammer – Hackers can steal data from power cords and grids

We all have seen “in case of cyber attack, pull the Ethernet cables” meme. That wont stop hackers from accessing your PC anymore. Disconnecting your pc from network means no data leak or cyber attack right? No, A team of academics developed and tested malware that can exfiltrate data from  computers via power lines. The team […]

What is an Early bird code injection technique?

Evading anti malware software has always been a challenge for the hackers out there. Anti viruses are getting smarter everyday by using behavior analysis by implementing machine learning algorithms. Now hackers have developed a new code injection technique called Early bird. In simple words, As the name suggests the malware is injected to a working […]

Fireball malware

FIREBALL – Malware Alert! millions of systems infected again

After the WannaCry ransomware attack, checkpoint researcher has found a Chinese based threat operation called “FIREBALL”. The FIREBALL malware has affected more than 250 million computers across the globe, India being the most affected one contributing 10 percent. The malware is run by a Beijing based company called Rafotech. who sells digital stuffs and mobile […]


CENSYS – Hacker friendly search engine exposing all internet connected devices

When John Matherly released SHODAN, search engine which could collect data on web servers like HTTP port 80, FTP etc. It was considered a success, in the hackers point of view. And now there’s censys. Censys is just like shodan but, more user friendly and works in a better and broader way. Censys is like […]

what is dos coin doscoin khromozome

What is DOScoin?

DoS (denial of service ) attack, is the most popular way of attacking a website or a computer used by the, so called, hacktivists out there. It is nothing but sending too much junk information to a server or website, more than the threshold which causes crashing down of computers, websites and even servers. DoS […]


Hackers use backdoored Pokémon Go to hack android mobiles

Pokémon Go is an amazing augmented reality game which made pokemon fans to walk out the street. The game uses advanced augmented reality technology in any android or ios. The game has only released on some countries. There is a reason, that’s how the game works. The developers came up with new amazing idea of […]