How to bruteforce a login page? – Blazy

What is Blazy? Blazy is a python script to bruteforce login pages. The script takes input from usernames.txt and passwords.txt and try every possible combination to find the correct authentication credentials. It can also check for login bypass via SQL injection and CSRF. Common usernames and passwords can be downladed online. kali linux has a […]

torghost v2.0

TorGhost v2.0 Released!! – With instant IP switching

Torghost v1 is just a tool to route all connection through tor network. You can find more about basic working here TorGhost – channel all traffic through tor network in kali linux Whats new with torghost 2.0 Torghost comes with an update where you can change tor’s exit node instantly. It can interact with tor’s control […]

E book web aplication security handbook PDF Khromozome

Web application Hacker’s handbook 2 PDF

DOWNLOAD  Contents Chapter 1 Web Application (In)security Chapter 2 Core Defense Mechanisms Chapter 3 Web Application Technologies Chapter 4 Mapping the Application Chapter 5 Bypassing Client-Side Controls Chapter 6 Attacking Authentication Chapter 7 Attacking Session Management Chapter 8 Attacking Access Controls Chapter 9 Attacking Data Stores Chapter 10 Attacking Back-End Components Chapter 11 Attacking Application […]


TorGhost – channel all traffic through tor network in kali linux

Tor is one of the best freely available network to protect your identity. Its considered safe because of its highly cryptographic data transfer methods. I’m not going to explain working of tor in detail, if you are interested pls read my previous blog on How to change tor exit node manually. You can switch between exit […]

what is dns leak

What is DNS leak and how it affects your anonymity

WHAT IS DNS DNS or Domain Name System is like internet phonebook. Humans identify things people places by names whereas computers only know numbers. Each and every URL you type for example, you are first directed to the DNS server which searches for the correct Ip address of the url or domain name that […]


Backdoor windows login by replacing utilman.exe

Forgot windows login password? Need to drop a simple backdoor on windows? Then this blog will help you. Utilman.exe is a program designed for users with some disabilities. Utilman enables accessibility features like magnification, narration, virtual keyboard, high contrast themes, etc. This can be helpful for people who have poor vision or with hearing problems. […]

How_to _clone_a_website-and_browse_offline

How to clone a website and browse offline

This tutorial will give you an idea on website cloning. Cloning a website doesn’t means importing whole server to our system. It only consist of client side scripts like java and html. Server side scripts like PHP cannot be imported (its common sense). The clone looks exactly the same and with the same functionality. Cloning […]


Top 10 tools in Kali Linux

Kali linux is the most advanced penetration testing OS ever build. Kali linux has plenty of tools available for various attacks. These are my favorite top 10 security tools. There are plenty of tools available, these are the 10 tools which i have found awesome. 10. proxychains proxychains is one of the most essential tools in kali […]