How to create your own private and encrypted chat server – neuron python script 2016

 Here in 2016 we have tons and tons of chat application with various features. They have millions of users and giant servers at very high speed but still why hackers and geeks are running behind encrypted communication like torchat? because privacy. Even though you are using an encrypted and secured application, keep in mind still they work on a third party server you cannot trust them blindly. They can be broken any time. If you are really concerned about privacy, here i have developed a simple application NEURON in python.

Neuron server can be setup on your linux machine and have full controll over it. Neuron python sockets to send message with AES encryption. It has two scripts basically one as server and other as client. Set up server on any machine so that your firends with the script can connect to your server remotely with the correct password. No one can invade your privacy, if you find any malicious activity you can simply shut down the server. You can see the connections on the server console and even live chat if you changed the view mode. This is safe application because messages are encrypted in AES algorithm which cannot be cracked without the right key. If an eavesdropper tries to sneak in with a wrong password and if we send a message his script decrypt it with a different key i.e. even if he got the messages in this format he cannot decrypt to raw strings.

This server don’t have any special hardware requirements this can be run on any linux machine and can be user on both LAN and WAN network. Neuron is available on github, follow the steps for complete tutorial. check out the video too so that it will give you an idea.NOTE: forward the port on router for remote connections over internet.

Demo video


Download neuron

clone to github
# git clone


Setup server

Now open the folder so that you can find two main python script and a config file. Config file is for server script, you can tweak it. Open the file with any text editor change the HOST to your internal IP if you are using it on lan network. Change HOST to your public ip if you are using it on WAN network. PORT can be any unused port. Option PASSWORD can be any desired password. change view mode to 1 if you want live feed of chat on the server console. Save and close the file and right click open terminal on that directory.

# python usage

Once the server is setup only thing you need is . Anyone with your host details and correct password can connect to your server and create a group chat. Open the terminal in the directory and use the command below.
# python “host_ip” “port” “password” “nick_name”

all your friends can connect from the internet with this simple piece of script.

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