How control your kali machine with android device using SSH

How to control your kali machine with android device using SSH

First of all let me say that this is not a big deal for pro hackers and network administrators. We are going to control kali linux machine with an Android device using SSH (secure shell) service. SSH protocol allows you to connect to a remote system and interact with shell with highly encrypted communication method. […]


Hackers use backdoored Pokémon Go to hack android mobiles

Pokémon Go is an amazing augmented reality game which made pokemon fans to walk out the street. The game uses advanced augmented reality technology in any android or ios. The game has only released on some countries. There is a reason, that’s how the game works. The developers came up with new amazing idea of […]


How to hack an android phone – metasploit

Android is the most popular mobile platform and its users are increasing day by day, and security threat too. Android phones are vulnerable and can be easily backdoored. Metasploit is the best tool in kali linux which can generate and handle a payload. Metasploit have more than 1000 exploits which is more than enough. Now […]